Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Investor Survival In The War Without End

[One knows that there are creatures which survive on carnage, but this one takes the cake!!!... this is an actual letter sent to real investors by a real stock advisor to profit from $500bn investment "opportunity"... read on]

The three scenarios below are real... they represent a $500 billion opportunity.

From a mile away, a coalition tank fires a single round and destroys an Iraqi tank. The speed of the projectile is so great (1 mile per second) that when it hits, the tip of the shell and the armor on the target behave like liquids. The depleted uranium shell passes through the armor of the target and breaks up into shrapnel, shredding and burning anything inside the tank.

Lunatic North Korean leader Kim Jong Il attacks South Korea. Immediately, U.S. Special Battle Plan 5027 goes into effect, calling for total retaliation and the capture of North Korea. F-15 fighters hurtle over the 38th parallel at 1,600 miles per hour, using futuristic high-tech weaponry to blast 1 million North Korean troops, artillery systems, and tanks that sit just 90 miles away from U.S. troops in the Demilitarized Zone.

Over Africa, Asia, the Middle East and even America, unmanned drones patrol the skies at 20,000 feet. The shadowy government group that gave you the Internet will soon be fielding waves of these vehicles for special reconnaissance -- both home and abroad. (Bush just asked for $1.2 billion more to develop these drones.) Billions of dollars are being committed to similar high-tech defense projects for all branches of the military or in the name of Homeland Security.


Dear Investor,

All of these situations are real possibilities, and all of the weapons are real. And they represent the biggest investment opportunity there is today. A $500-billion investment opportunity, as the United States takes on what will be the fiercest and longest war in its history, and leads the world in developing new and futuristic weapons, redefining the very nature of weapons and war as we go...

[the letter to investors then goes on to sell tips for "Profiting From the American Warfare State"...

American Warfare State!!!???

do read this letter...

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