Sunday, July 04, 2004

Abu Ghraib happens in USA also

Sometime back when we were having a discussion in II forum on the Iraq prison abuse, I had shared these two clips, which showed that similar things have been happening in US prisons as well (and I am sure, in most prisons around the world):

1. CNN movie on Prison Abuse in a Texas Prison
2. A CBS News item which has a link to a clip showing physical abuse an Indian prisoner

Today, I came across this article by Anne-Marie Cusac, who has been writing about prison abuses in US prions. There are the quotes from her recent articles article:

"When I first saw the photo, taken at the Abu Ghraib prison, of a hooded and robed figure strung with electrical wiring, I thought of the Sacramento, California, city jail.

"When I heard that dogs had been used to intimidate and bite at least one detainee at Abu Ghraib, I thought of the training video shown at the Brazoria County Detention Center in Texas.

"When I learned that the male inmates at Abu Ghraib were forced to wear women's underwear, I thought of the Maricopa County jails in Phoenix, Arizona.

"And when I saw the photos of the naked bodies restrained in grotesque and clearly uncomfortable positions, I thought of the Utah prison system.

"Donald Rumsfeld said of the abuse when he visited Abu Ghraib on May 13, 'It doesn't represent American values.'

"But the images from Iraq looked all too American to me."

My take has been that there is a "culture of prison" , which overshadows all other norms, laws and rules - and perhaps also is common world over, irrespective of whether the prison in American, Indian, Japanese, British... or of the erstwhile, Nazi Germany!!!

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