Saturday, March 05, 2005

On Free and Fair Elections...

A press release from US President's office, dated March 4th has this interesting statement by the spokesperson, about why US wants the Syrian troops to withdraw from Lebenon:

"...the President continues to say they need to leave now... the international community is standing with the Lebanese people in their desire to have free and fair elections. And that means Syria needs to get out, so that we can ensure that those... elections are free and fair."

The spokesperson was right, since elections held under occupation are illegal and illegitimate under International Law.

Though, of course, there can be exceptions, as this month old news item about another elections (held under conditions of occupation, shoot-on-sight curfews, closed borders, and a ban on cars and travel restrictions within the country, etc.) shows:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2005 – The general in charge of coalition forces in Iraq took to the airwaves Feb. 2 to thank troops in the country for their work in the success of Iraq's Jan. 30 national assembly election.

Speaking on Freedom Radio, the American Forces Network's radio operation that broadcasts news and entertainment to U.S. forces throughout Iraq, Army Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said he wanted personally to thank Multinational Force Iraq troops "for their contribution to that great Iraqi success on Sunday... You shaped history on Sunday... and I wanted you to feel very, very proud about what you've done."

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