Friday, July 22, 2005

"Killing Innocent People": The not-so-Fuzzy-Maths...

as a continuation and contrast to the previous posting on the Fuzzy Maths of "Killing Innocent People"...

A few days back, Oxford Research Group, a UK-based non-governmental organisation, came up with the first detailed account - A Dossier on Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2003-2005 - of civilian casualities in Iraq war/occupation.

The report is based on comprehensive analysis of over 10,000 media reports published between March 2003 and March 2005, and can be downloaded by clicking here

Findings include some unreported (in the mainstream media) facts:

  • 24,865 civilians were reported killed in the first two years (this is in addition to 42,500 civilians who were reported wounded).

  • On an average, 34 ordinary civilians met with violent death everyday in Iraq during these 2 years.

  • 30% of civilian deaths occurred during the invasion phase before 1 May 2003. Post-invasion, the number of civilians killed was almost twice as high in year two (11,351) as in year one (6,215).

  • Women and children accounted for almost 20% of all civilian deaths.

  • Baghdad alone recorded almost half of all deaths.

    ...and who caused these civilian killings?

  • 37%: US-led forces.

  • 36%: Post-invasion criminal violence.

  • 9% : Anti-occupation forces/insurgents.

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