Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democracy: Inside & Outside Iraq

Five years back, I woke up at 4:30am (IST) - not my usual schedule - just to switch on the TV... with a hope that No! this will, perhaps, not happen!!!.

It happened!!

Today is the 5th anniversary, of what one of my friends once described as my "magnificant obsession"...

...To me, it is also a time to reflect, refresh our memories, and consolidate our understanding of where the world has been led/dragged to... Some of these unfolding events were covered in AlternativePerspective, e.g.,:

  • Iraq War @ AlternativePerspective (1)

  • Iraq War @ AlternativePerspective (2)

  • Iraq War @ AlternativePerspective (3)

  • Iraq War @ AlternativePerspective (4)

    For the rest, pictures speak better than words:
    [I owe the credits for these to the numerous websites from where I have been downloading them - thanks!]

    Spreading Democracy Inside Iraq:

    ...Meanwhile, there were other Grassroot Democratic Voices (muted, naturally!) Outside Iraq:
    (oh, yes! One knows that the "media" failed to bring us these voices and images)

    New York:





    Bombay (Mumbai):


    Ankara, Turkey:

    San Fransisco:

    etc. etc...
    In conclusion:

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    gaddeswarup said...

    It seems to be all about sub-prime now though some like Glenn Greenwald keep reminding us:
    Whoever is the next US president wil have a big mess to handle and it seems unlikely that Bush Jr. will be impeached.