Sunday, September 07, 2008

Make a Difference.. Bihar "Floods" - an appeal

It is still called a "flood" - which it is not!

It is a river - Kosi- which has changed its course by almost 30-degrees, inundating a huge chunk of land with water...

This may also be one of the largest mass-migration and rehabilitation challenge in the history of Independent India - we still do not know the numbers... 1 million... 3 millions... Who knows?!

Words/number/language, however, are linear; they do not convey the multi-dimensional reality and often fail to evoke the typically natural human empathic response... And therefore, these pictures to make this appeal:


...maybe our/your chance to get out of The Logic of Inaction...and support those who are doing something to tackle the situation...
... And so:

  • 1. How you can help
  • 2. Who you can contact

    1. How You Can Help
    Material support:
  • Dry ration - Rice, Chiwra, Biscuits, Packed Eatables
  • Medicines,
  • candles & matchbox,
  • torch & batteries,
  • utensils,
  • tarpaulin & thick polythese
  • feeding bottles,
  • buckets,
  • ropes,
  • bedsheets,
  • all kind of usable clothing & footwear.

    Logistical support:
  • Transport support to reach the material to effected areas
  • Space for collection centers
  • Facilities for local pickups,
  • Transportation of material from different cities to GOONJ processing centers in Delhi, Chennai & Mumbai

    Volunteer support:
    Please contact the organisations mentioned below.

    Financial support:
    See below.

    Who You Can Contact/Help

    I know about these two, and can vouch for them:

    1. Goonj
    Donations in India- Please send cash/cheque/draft in the name of GOONJ and send it to

    J-93, Sarita Vihar,
    New Delhi- 76
    (Kindly send your full name & address with the contribution for receipt/accounting purpose.
    (All donations to GOONJ in India are tax exempted u/s 80 G of IT act.)

    Overseas donation can be sent through Cheque (in the name of GOONJ with your full particulars)
    or by wire transfer with an information on


    Rotate it (valid only for overseas donations) through
  • Wacovia Bank,
    New York
    swift code- 2000193008933,
    GOONJ, A/C No- 2591101004644

  • Bank- Canara Bank,
    H block,
    market Sarita Vihar,
    New Delhi- 76
    Swift Code- CNRBINBBDFS

  • Contact- GOONJ
    H.O Delhi-J-93,
    Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76
    Tel.- 011-26972351,
    E-mail- goonjinfo[at], anshugoonj24[at]

  • GOONJ Mumbai- Mr. Rohit Singh
    Tel.- 9322381600,

  • GOONJ Chennai- Ms. Padma
    Tel.- 9842665320,

    2. AID India & Pratham

  • Funds:
    Donate online @:

    or you can send a check payable to AID INDIA (mention Bihar Flood Relief) to:

    Post Box No: 4903, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600086, India.
    Phone: +91-44-42106493 / 28350403

    For more information please contact: or

    Prabha: +91-98403-51132 (prabha.balaraman[at]
    Gomathi: +91-94453-91090 (gomathiaid[at]

  • 2 comments: said...

    Donors from anywhere in the world can make a secure online donation to two Bihar based NGOs, GENVP and Abhiyan, that are working for the flood affected and receive a receipt instantly.

    workhard said...

    Great post..

    There are local organizations that collect rations and send to Bihar.

    Make website india