Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Can You Do with Rs500 (US$10)?

What can you do if you get Rs 500/- (approx US$10)?

Maybe nothing!... it is so little
Maybe everything!... it is so much!!

One of my students sent me this amazingly simple - yet unsettling - 2min clip by Nitin Das of Filmkaar (Our mission is to make 'Extraordinary films with Ordinary people'):


After all, we do live in "two Indias", where:

  • where crossing the distance between a slum and a mall can be a stroll - or an arduous, but diginified, struggle

  • where numbers of one India defy/deny the numbers of the other India

  • where Rs 500/- can make a life-change for 80-90% of population


    Kiran said...

    Wow .. this is a very thoughtful and insightful post. How true - what is a matter of "booze" or "ice-cream" for one; can change the life of another through tuition fees et. al!

    Thanks for opening our eyes; and making us sensitive towards unnecessary spending. One might as well save these totally uncalled-for expenses and instead donate the same to charity!

    noni said...


    i have added u to my blog list...but somehow ur feed does not show recent updates...
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    Mihir jha said...

    Hello Sir!!

    It is touching.
    The condition around us is actually very pathetic.People need to use their wisdom along with the knowledge while taking any initiative. It is this wisdom which is becoming extinct while knowledge is increasing.The society need to change the attitude it has for the life and for the mass.An ignition is the mandate of the day.

    workhard said...

    Saw the video.. what a difference..

    for some its just nothing.. but for some its a matter of their entire education

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