Friday, March 26, 2010

about "senseless violence against innocent citizens"

When I had started this blog in Sept '03 [actually, it used to be a newsletter circulated through the "alternativeperspective" yahoogroup since 2002 - and the posts here still reach about 400+ members of the group], the purpose was:

"to widen our awareness about issues related to business, environment, role and influence of media, geo-politics, culture, etc. It aims to share, on a regular basis, some of those pieces of news and information, which do not find place in the highly monopolised mainstream media."

Therefore, the name of the blog/newsletter - Alternative Perspective"

But, such remeniscences apart...

Currently, the MSM (main-stream-media>, politicians, GOI, metropolitan conversations, etc., in India, are screeching phrases like "senseless/brutal violence against innocent civilians" or something similar, etc. - and we have "Operations Green Hunt" going around the region where I live to comb-out (intersting metaphor - like you comb out the lice from the hair) the maoists/naxals/ultras... whatever...

The beheading of a police officer, derailing of trains, blasts and bombs, burning villages and killing its inhabitants, etc. are the images which occupy our mind - and reinforce the message about the "violence against innocent civilians"...

I downloaded these images from somewhere on the net... and thought them worth sharing... after all, even is we all have a point-of-view about this "Operations Green Hunt" vis-a-vis "Maoist/Naxals" - at least one needs to know what is not covered in the media matrix....

and there has to be an educated awareness when one has to consider, binary questions such as:

  • Do You Support "Development" or do you support "Violence"?
    (of course, as an adage of public deception goes:
    "If you get them to ask wrong questions, you will never have to give the right answers."


    gaddeswarup said...

    Professor Shukla,
    There seem to be some awareness after Arundhati roy's article in 'The Outlook'. Though many do not ompletely agree with her, many comments to the piece suggest increasing awareness. There have also been many posts in 'kafila' and I too posted about this in posts like

    madhukar said...

    Thanks Prof,
    yes,Arundhati Roy's article did create much ripples... if not 'awareness' it did provide a view to the other side, and thus created 'cognitive dissonance' to those who view this situation as a binary/good-vs-bad issue.

    Personally I like her writings - she writes as an author, but also provides graphical facts to substantiate what she is saying.. there is another reportage in India Today, which I found interesting:
    Inside Maoistan

    marry said...

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