Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nira Radia Papers - Raja, Tata, Ambani connection

I had read about Nira Radia in a recent issue of Outlook magazine on Corporate Lobbying... Her name again cropped up in an article in The Pioneer about the phone-tapping issue

These 14 internal GOI's documents, scanned and posted in the link below show the outcome of tapped conversations:

The Radia Papers– Raja, Tata, Ambani connection

Given the industry big-wigs and the media houses involved, this scam may never achieve the kind of publicity in the mainstream media, which the IPL/ Lalit Modi issue got.

The other reason for believing this is also because I got to know about this link through a group mail from a journalist friend, who works with a well-known and respected mainstream newspaper - obviously, if he could have published a story on this in his own newspaper, he wouldn't have shared the documents to all!!