Friday, April 20, 2012

capabilities beyond "eyes" and "ears"

Many years back - mid-'70s - , when I was doing my post grad in Psychology from Lucknow Univ, there were 2 of us males (out of a class of 32!.. my elder brother classified us as "protected minority" :0)
We were supposed to administer experiments/ questionnaires on unwarying folks - and then write and submit a report on that to get our marks

So, I administered a so-called "culture-free" IQ test to my other male classmate (a topper from Gorakhpuur Univ from the village), which had no requirments for knowing the language/ english... but just matching patterns..

and he scored below 5%-percentile!!..
.. we pulled his leg, naturally... and he smiled sheepishly

We came out of the Psy dept. and it was a hot summer afternoon, with a blazing 40C+ sun and a cloudless sky in April-May

My friend made one more statement to be ridiculed; he said, smelling around: "it should rain tonight"

We laughed and made fun of him - threw the below-5% percentile IQ on him...

But, that night it rained heavily... we even had a hailstorm of sorts...

To me, that was one learning experience, viz:
- that we measure the intelligence/ IQ/ capabilities on very narrow bandwidth..

- that we have 5 senses from which we 'learn', and the so called 'education' caters to only two of them, "eyes" and "ears"...

perhaps the other 3 senses - touch, smell, taste - hold much more wisdom...


Gold Biscuit said...

tangentially related to this ... when you see dragon flies, be sure it will rain!

Jandy said...

True. Insightful. My dog, for instance, can smell / hear me get home from 5 minutes away - with no aspersions cast on my hygiene habits. :) But it does make me wonder when we let our other senses/ instincts just die out.