Monday, September 12, 2005

9/11 vs. Belgrade '99

Disaster's - specially the man-made ones - are always painful and sad spectacles, wherever and whenever they occur.

But some get converted into a "brand" (and their "brand value" is leveraged for many new forays and expansions). Others, unfortunately get forgotten - they fade away as mere cruel footprints on the shifting sands of history.

Nothing demostrates this phenomenon more accurately than these parallel picture of

  • 9/11 (when the suicide bombers crashed their planes into WTC), and

  • Belgrade '99, when the NATO planes (headed by U.S. Air Force General Michael Short) bombed it to primitive ages (78 days, 10,000 sorties, 7000 tons of explosives (including depleted uranium bombs and cluster bombs), to destroy 50 bridges, 6 trunk roads, 5 civilian roads, 20 hospitals, 30 health centers, 190 educational institutions, 12 railway lines... Among numerous lives)

    [try if you can distinguish the "terrorist attack" from the "collatoral damage"]

    1. Emperor's Clothes - Death on a Very Small Planet
    2. Damage to Civilian Infrastructure in Yugoslavia
    3. Anatomy of Collateral Damage


    Incompetant Critic said...

    Profound Explaning !!!!

    The Arbit Council said...

    wow. stunning...

    Raghunandan D H said...

    Too good... wonder why the world is bering this ???