Friday, September 23, 2005

Invade!... but at least change "the script"!!!

Perhaps, they should seriously think about changing the script justifying the invasion of a sovereign country.

Back in Oct 2002, the CIA's National Intelligence Council page had stated:

"Iraq has largely rebuilt missile and biological weapons facilities damaged during Operation Desert Fox and has expanded its chemical and biological infrastructure under the cover of civilian production."

3 years later, today,a US States Dept spokesman said:

"We have no doubt that if Iran continues on the path that it has chosen to follow for these past years, pursuing nuclear weapons under the cover of a civilian nuclear program, that they would be reported, and should be reported, to the Security Council..."

Just google "Under the cover of civilian nuclear program", and the stale - and noble -justification for "preemptive war" loses its novelty - and ethical - value

...and in case, if wants to shrug this away as a semantic coincidence, here is another curious repeat of history (Some earlier posts - e.g., "The New "Axis of Evil" - or emerging Geo-Political "Continental Shift"", "The Collapse of Dollar Economy?", etc. - had touched upon this):

A news-report earlier this month - Will the Iranian Oil Bourse Threten the Dollar? - states:

"Tehran reconfirmed that it plans to create a euro-based exchange in oil — to compete with the London and New York dollar-denominated oil exchanges, both American-owned.... The proposed March 2006 launch of the Iranian oil bourse (iob), if successful, would give the euro a foothold in the international oil trade, solidifying its status as an alternative oil transaction currency. This, in turn, could be a catalyst for a major currency flight from the dollar to the euro—and a disaster for America."

Rings a bell?

well... back since 2000, Iraq had also started selling oil in Euro !!!

...thus setting the stage for Gulf War-II

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