Thursday, August 26, 2004

Inciting War as an Electoral Strategy

It seems we are going to have another war - this time between US and North Korea - and scheduled at the critical time just before the US presidential elections.

There is a small paragraph in this news item in International Herald Tribune:

"North Korean nervousness is expected to rise in late October, when warships from the United States, Japan and other allied nations are to conduct joint exercises in the Sea of Japan.

The maneuvers will be held under the banner of the Proliferation Security Initiative, a program designed to block illicit cargoes from an unnamed country.

Previous training has taken place in locations distant from North Korea, like the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia."

Now that the setting is set, all that would be needed is a Gulf of Tonkin kind of hoax - which led to the Vietnam War - to justify a war on North Korea...

...and one does not change the president, when the country is fighting a war, would you?...

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